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Native and endemic species

Introduced animals

Introduced plants

Island Control and Monitoring

Applied marine research

Fisheries Management

Marine control and surveillance

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Environmental management in populated areas

Special use for protected areas

Agricultural development

   The need for a

 shared vision

                                 for the future of Galapagos

The conservation of nature cannot be separated from other aspects of life.

For responsible human development, we must know the real value of environmental goods and services that we use to live on, and find a consensus for its management.

Sustainable Development 

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The Directorate of the Galapagos National Park works to foster the development of a shared social model on the conservation of nature in Galapagos, which integrates the different views on what and how to conserve, which in turn reveals the true social value of protected areas.
Environmental management in populated areas
In Galapagos, where local people live surrounded by two protected areas (the National Park and the Marine Reserve), the use of the land and environmental management in populated areas is of vital importance. The conservation of natural capital of Galapagos must go beyond the management of protected areas.


  Management programs

Support of the CIMEI

Support of the municipalities

Mortality of birds

Management of sea lions

Water quality

Special use management
In Galapagos, certain special uses of protected areas for both resource extraction and waste disposal are allowed, the results of local development. The Directorate of the Galapagos National Park regulates these uses.

 Management Programs

Demarcation of areas

Pilot plan for management of mines 

Agricultural development
Agricultural activity is closely linked to the integrity of island ecosystems, both for its extension and its shared boundaries with protected natural areas. Prosperous and coordinated actions enable better control of invasive species.

  Management programs

Control plan of plagues

Improvement of
of bovine cattle

Zones with high ecologic values


Environmental Management in populated areas

Special use of protected areas

Agricultural development


Incorporate the conservation policies developed by the GNP for its territorial model, which sets the Regional Plan, thus integrating horizontally with other regional policies

Program 2.3. Encouraging public use and sustainable tourism
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Directory, regulation, management, finances, etc.





Management of native
and endemic species

Control and eradication
of introduced animals

Control and eradication
of introduced plants

Island control and monitoring


Applied marine research

Management and support for fisheries

Marine control and monitoring


Visitor sites
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Visitor management

Local participation,
quotas y patents


Environmental management
in populated areas

Special use
of protected areas

Agricultural development


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