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Native and endemic species

Introduced animals

Introduced plants

Island Control and Monitoring

Applied marine research

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Visitor Management System

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Environmental management in populated areas

Special use for protected areas

Agricultural development


   local participation

              and access to the benefits of tourism

Most of the expenses for a visit to the islands occur before leaving the country of origin.

Currently, as little as 6% remains in the local economy.

A deserved and fair distribution of benefits from tourism goes in hand with respect to conservation and good tourism practices.

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Local participation, quotas and patents for
tourism operations
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Eddy Araujo, +593 (0)5 252 6189 Ext. 225, earaujo@dpng.gob.ec

The Directorate of the Galapagos National Park is the institution responsible for issuing or revoking permits for tourism operations. The issuance of new tourism quotas, with new operating parameters and the process of evaluating existing permits are designed to ensure local participation.


Visitor site and naturalist guides

Visitor management system

Quotas and operating patent


Directory, regulation, management, finances, etc.





Management of native
and endemic species

Control and eradication
of introduced animals

Control and eradication
of introduced plants

Island control and monitoring


Applied marine research

Management and support for fisheries

Marine control and monitoring


Visitor sites
and naturalist guides

Visitor management

Local participation,
quotas y patents


Environmental management
in populated areas

Special use
of protected areas

Agricultural development


Approved projects, applications, field
protocols, etc..