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Native and endemic species

Introduced animals

Introduced plants

Island Control and Monitoring

Applied marine research

Fisheries Management

Marine control and surveillance

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Environmental management in populated areas

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Agricultural development

   Knowing and keeping the integrity of the

 marine ecosystems

                                                    of Galapagos

The sea makes Galapagos.

All a complex world of species, terrestrials and birds, that until today exists much to learn about.

This is also a source of assets
and enviromental services for the local population and the visitors than come to the islands.

Conservation and Sustainable Use of 
Marine Ecosystems 

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The Galapagos National Park Directorate works to manage and operate the marine ecosystems of the Islands, within the limits of their resilience, to ensure the conservation of its ecological integrity and biodiversity; as well as the rational use of environmental goods and services that they generated for the local population. 

Applied marine research 

The applied marine research of the Galapagos National Park Directorate is focused on the development of various research projects to increase knowledge of marine ecosystems for the proper management and administration of resources, with technical support and strengthening offered by several international cooperation programs.

   Managment programs

Research of
pelagic fish

Oceanographic conditions

Marine Ecosystem

The sea cucumber
and lobster


Capture of lobster

Fisheries Management 

Fishing is a traditional productive activity in the Galapagos. With the increased activity in recent decades, an adequate and participatory management of marine resources is necessary, especially of those species most vulnerable to human activity.

   Management of Programs

Fisheries control and monitoring

Experiential Artisanal Fisheries

Training for
the fisheries sector

Underwater and
Coastal Cleaning

Marine control and monitoring 

The control and surveillance operations conducted within the Marine Reserve have evolved over the last decade thanks to a coordinated effort between the Galapagos National Park Directorate and the Ecuadorian Navy and by implementing cooperation agreements.

   Management Program

control and surveillance



Applied marine research

Fisheries management

Marine control and monitoring


Directory, regulation, management, finances, etc.





Management of native
and endemic species

Control and eradication
of introduced animals

Control and eradication
of introduced plants

Island control and monitoring


Applied marine research

Management and support for fisheries

Marine control and monitoring


Visitor sites
and naturalist guides

Visitor management

Local participation,
quotas y patents


Environmental management
in populated areas

Special use
of protected areas

Agricultural development


Approved projects, applications, field
protocols, etc..